781 - Guess the part!

Check this out! Guess the part!

Check out what? I don’t see a photo or a link. :confused:

[EDIT] scratch that, never mind. the photo didn’t load the first time I viewed it [EDIT]

a control and pnumatics board is my guess

My guess is a puematic and elecrical board that can be easily taken out of the robot and put back in without and problems.

OMG thats one nice lower chassis. Thats gotta be one huge mill to do that big a job. Look beautiful!

Mmm… Cheese… Sweet Swiss Cheese… <salivate>

That is a nice board…but I want to see a closer picture of the gearbox in the background.

Geez, just imagine the amount of machining done to it. You removed more material than what you got left with.

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May I suggest uploading the image to the ChiefDelphi Image Gallery?

ahecht - I got the same response on that site but this one worked: http://www34.brinkster.com/campoirha/781teaser2.jpeg