781 - Teaser 5 PIC - LOOK!

Check this out:


love your coloring job :smiley:
HUGE wheels! how big are they?
are you really going to use the right handed joystick for your left hand too?
how many biological signs did you manage to sneak in?? :yikes:

i must say that is one SWEEEEEEET robot.

can u hang or get the multiplier ball?

8 Signs I think

It will be a surprise. :smiley:

thats no fun :frowning:

holy crizap, thats like an erector set on LSD, very cool though :slight_smile:

You guys definitely had too much time on your hands. Of course that bot totally rocks, it’s a machining masterpiece. The only question I have now is it just a flashy bot or does it function well too.

It performs better than it looks. :slight_smile:

Well from what i see there is a goal latch and the ability to go over those steps…are there more subsystems to come?

Well… yes there is a goal latch, but it is not installed. As far as sub-systems, they’re all still to come.

Mad. Props. From 188.

Truly madly, I have never seen a FIRST robot look like anything close to that. But that may just be me. Judging from the replies, it may not be =D

awesome job! look forward to seeing it at CR

No, we have a left handed joystick available, but we may not need it.

nice robot, can’t wait to see it at the Canadian regionals

Can’t wait to see evryone at the Canadian Regionals :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see your robot in action then. I am still stunned :ahh: at how cool it looks.

that is one mind blowin’ awesome robot…kudos man

omg… omg… omg…

it took me about 2 min to re-coop from this awsome beauty… the colors are just awsome… the fabrication looks outstanding!!!

so… can it do more than look pretty?! =D

How much does that weigh? Your use of metal seems very effiecent