783's Gearbox

Here are 2 teasers of our gearbox (if you put the 2 pics together, you can basically see all of it - minus the shifter (hi and low speed) because it is not attatched yet.



If you want to read the black-board where we did some number crunching (note: several of those numbers have changed):


And finally, our wheels (all home made…we havn’t put the final tread on it yet - we are still testing what works the best)


Put all that together, and it will be 2 sexy gearboxes (one on each side :p)

That looks nice!

What are you going to use to shift it?

Wow. That thing’s beefy. I guess you really listened when they said “build to endure.”

Kinda bulky, but looks really nice.

*Originally posted by Caleb Fulton *
**That looks nice!

What are you going to use to shift it? **

We’re using a small pneumatic solenoid (around a 2" stroke).

It will be attatched to the shaft that is furthest away from the chip motor (see the 1st 2 imagesIi posted), and move those gears, and thus the speed that shaft is spinning at (it is our output shaft).

As for being beefy, well, yeah…lol…thats an understatement :stuck_out_tongue:

It won’t ever break, but we are paying for that with weight (altho granted it is spread out a lot).

I’ll post more pics once it’s all assembled (looking like that will probably be tonight, or tomorrow for sure).

Thx for the comments!

They came out sweet!!! Ours look the same! Just the compact version! We did a lot or re engineering to ours! What is your gear ratio and how fast will you be going??

Depends on what gear we’re in.

In low gear we go around 1.5fps, in high, its about 9fps (thats why the gears vary in size so much).

I can’t recall the exact ratios right now (its been like a 15 hour day today…falls asleep).