On the FTC Schedule there is an event planned for 8pm FRIDAY with the words (Plan Pending) written next to it. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN :open_mouth:

This is a FIRST wide event that is scheduled to happen during this time. They have not revealed specifics about it, but in the A-Z Team Guide on the FRC Championship page it has been described as a staged entertainment performance. Many have speculated that it will be a concert. This is what seems to be taking up a majority of the space on the Edward Jones Dome floor, one of the reasons why they are moving two of the FRC Division Fields into the Convention Center. I hope they let us know soon what the event will be.

From FRC’s A-to-Z team guide (PDF link):

There are two team social events tentatively scheduled for the FIRST Championship. The first event will be held inside the Edward Jones Dome on Friday evening, April 29 at 8:30PM. The intention is for a staged entertainment performance. There will be no foodservice provided; however there will be concession stands open throughout the show. More details on this will be revealed at a later date.

The leading theory is that the Black Eyed Peas will be performing, though nothing (edit: in writing) from FIRST has confirmed this. Take from it what you will.

Dean announced at the Ann Arbor District Competition when he stopped by that Will.I.Am would be performing a concert at the World Championship.

I think we can make a safe bet that’s it.


At Philly he said that the unnamed “celebrity who went from CES to Kickoff overnight” would bring " a couple of his friends" to Championship.

I wouldn’t make bets on anything until FIRST announces it. They really can’t officially say anything until a contract is signed. And since they haven’t announced anything yet, may mean they are still negotiating out the contract or finalizing it. On the other hand, they could have the contract signed and everything and they are trying to build up the hype for the event.

From Dean Kamen’s mouth to god’s ear.

Or they’re trying to keep it on the down low so that the dome doesn’t get swarmed with random spectators for a free concert…

These are all possible options. I think they’re going to have a hard time getting people to go to a concert, announced last minute, on Friday when people are going to be scouting.

Probably this. FIRST kids can take a hint (read as: we’re not idiots) and it can be said that this has already been planned and finalized. However, if it isn’t mentioned and doesn’t make it to any press outlet before the event, you won’t have the equivalent of people showing up to church for a free Nintendo 3DS.

Somehow I think they’ll be enough people there willing to give up an hour or two for a free concert from Will.I.Am or the Black Eyed Peas. Not all, but I’d be willing to bet most.

By ‘god’ do you mean Morgan Freeman? :yikes:

OMG that would be the best concert EVER! Black Eyed Peas ft. Morgan Freeman!

I thought that I saw somewhere that he was supposed to be there too…

I support the theory of keeping it on the DL to avoid tons of people swarming for a free concert. BEP isn’t exactly an underground band…

Dean has been dropping hints about Will.I.Am coming to championships at every regional he’s been to. I agree that it’s better to keep it on the DL, so that the place won’t be swarmed with non FIRST kids.

I think having the BEP come and play a show for us, would be another way to get FIRST in a different spotlight. “Will.I.Am supports FIRST and decides to give back with a show in FIRST World Championships” It would get groups that are unfamiliar with FIRST and have no way to hear about it, to hear about the program and generate interest.

That’s why I never see news about them on Pitchfork! :cool:

friday night: black eyed peas open for morgan freeman, followed by morgan freeman just talking
saturday: morgan freeman commentates finals, the stands are in silent the entire time

I think one reason FIRST hasn’t outright mentioned that the BEP are performing is they don’t want a situation similar to the 2008 Boston Regional where they sent out an e-mail blast that the Blue Man Group was going to be there and thousands of college kids flooded the arena.Considering that the event would be free and the BEP are a big time attraction there could be a near riot if the people of St. Louis just show up en masse for the concert out of the blue.