8-9" pneumatic wheels round profile

We designed our robot with a suspension so it keeps all four wheels on the ground as it goes over the bumps (even at an angle). As we go over the bump at an angle only the corners of the KOP wheels contact the carpet, not ideal but it works.

We are looking for a 8-9"x 1-2" wheel with a round profile and aggressive tread preferably pneumatic. Like a small mountain bike wheel

We have tried skyway wheels and are awating their reply.

Does anyone know of another supplier of small pneumatic spoked wheels?

Skyway has 8" X 2" pneumatic wheels they come on a plastic hub not a spoked bike type hub. We ordered ours already and used them last year as well

Did the skyway wheels require any modifications to atach the drive sprockets?

We just swap out the 1/4-20 bolts that come with it for longer ones make a few spacers im sure u could buy them from mcmaster if you cant make them… and then we put 4 holes in the sproket for the needed bolt pattern… I wouldn’t say any more modification then on any other non KOP wheel

Thanks for your assistance.

Can you provide a a part number?

Skyway does not have an online catalogue from which to select wheels.

I dont have it on my computer if you email sales they will send you an excel form to fill out for you order if you PM me with your email ill see if i can get it to you today to help speed up the process.

Skyway is closed on Monday so there is no great rush but I would like to place the order Monday so they can get it out Tuesday

You can email me at [email protected]

If you can send the Skyway order form please do.


Harbor freight carries some pretty legit 10 inch wheels for like 6 bux each. Check them out.

I would shy away from the HF pneumatic wheels unless weight is not an issue.

Well that depends on how much of the hub you want to remove.