8 ds analog inputs?

is there any way to read 8 analog inputs from the usb cypress board, either with 2 boards or another means? or is there a usb io board that comes with 8 analogs other than the one used for driver station?

It looks to me like the Enhanced I/O will allow you to read 8 channels. Remember that the voltage range is 3.3 though. The DS supports the FT and HID joysticks, so another option is to have a joystick that is really analogs. I think there is a limit of six continuous per joystick, so you’d need multiple. The CCI from eStoprobotics may work for you.

Also keep in mind that the dashboard or other processes can read I/O from whatever you like and send it to the computer over your own communications channel. The arduino, NI DAQ, or similar products are reasonable ways to get multiple analogs.

Greg McKaskle

One of our electrical students found that programming a teensy to act as a joystick is pretty easy. It can read 12 analog inputs. I’m not sure if the driver station can handle that on one USB input device but you could easily add another one.

Whitepaper = http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2666

can you elaborate on this part? it sounds promising 4 joystics=24 analog inputs. i see where this is going, just read each axis, with each being a different input, but how would this be put together? Hopefully you can answer this and it doesn’t fall into electrical territory.

I have no experience with the product, but this was what I was referring to …

Greg McKaskle

assuming you don’t need to access it during autonomous, just use the teensy (or similar) to send the data over serial, and send it to the robot using a UDP socket. That would be way easier to do then doing the joystick in my opinion.