80/20 t-bolts/nuts?

We are using the 80/20 1-inch extrusion from the First CAD Library but cannot find t-bolts or nuts for connections. The ones from Bosch won’t fit - or am I just not finding the right ones? And, we can’t find a download for the 80/20. Really not a problem to model something up. I’ve probably spent more time looking for a model than it would take to build it.

So, if you know where we can find these any information would be greatly appreciated.

Found it but it was not easy. The 80/20 web site is not the easiest to navigate. The piece is so simple I really should have just modelled it. If anyone wants it just email me.

Which ones did you end up modeling?
The standard ~.5" long with one hole in the center ones?
Were they flat, or were they half moon shaped?

There are more T-Nut styles in the 80-20 catalog than one can imagine.
It’s amazing.

My advice, request a catalog from them, and also the CD-Design Library. (may not be the exact name)

The design library CD has most of the parts already modeled in nice formats for importing (iges, stp, and others.)

(For next time that is).

Team 237 has used 80/20 extrusion for what seems like forever, and we love it. :smiley:

All I found that was any use was the nut that slides into the extrusion. I would like to have found t-bolts but could not. I will probably just model a stud onto the nut and call it a t-bolt. I assume they must have something like that. I like to keep it real :wink:

They have a CD design library but it only works with AutoCad (as far as I can tell), which I have but do not use so I am avoiding it. I will take another look at that though.

I tried to download their catalog so I could just model from specs. Although I am on a very fast connection, the catalog is 44mb and was only downloading at about 40kb/sec so I abandoned that.

Here’s the low down on 80/20 CAD files - at least in terms of fasteners. I found their CAD resources page. They have no fractional models available - but they have 420 models for metric :confused:

I called to ask them and what I write is correct at least according to the person I spoke with. I downloaded the catalog. It is all fractional with no metric. Seems strange but, oh well. As a CAD mooch, I really can’t complain :smiley:

I believe all teams got a 80/20 dvd in the kit. included in that package is a CD with the CAD files quote software. I’d say use that before scouring the website

I will look into the CD. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: