80/20 to Shaft

How should we go about connecting 1" 80/20 to a 5/8" shaft. We desire the piece of 80/20 to rotate with the shaft. Looking for mfg and part no. Thx!

There’s no part that is designed to do that directly. You’d have to get creative perhaps with a AndyMark or VexPro hub and some connecting parts.

The Single Shaft mounting block is made for 2020 which is likely too big. However, making a similar component in your shop may be doable.

I could probably CAD up something quick to give you an idea.

Edit, unfortunately, it is pretty tight to try and fit a 5/8" shaft in the profile given. Especially as far as mounting holes go for interfacing with the 80/20, you won’t have many threads (2 or 3) that would interface with the 80/20 via a gusset:

Shrinking down to a half inch shaft allows you to have a one piece shaft collar, as well as 3 1/4-20 tapped holes for mounting to the 80/20. The screws for the shaft clamp can also go from #6-32 to #8-32

Andy Mark .625" shaft keyed hub gives you 3 pair of opposing holes to use for T-slot bolts:


-Dick Ledford

I suppose that also leaves some room for clarification. Are you trying to couple the shaft and 8020 perpendicularly, or linearly.

For perpendicularly, the AndyMark hub would work. For linearly, you would need something like the shaft coupler with attachment holes I CADed up.

Maybe you should consider tapping a hole in the 80/20 and use one of these drive shafts

I found the answer !!!
This looks to be very promising. Hope to start building tonight!

Oh, and the Price is Right too! Come on Down!

many (all?) of those pipe clamps aren’t designed for transmitting torque, but that doesn’t mean that none of them are capable of doing so. The problem is that McMaster isn’t link friendly, so I don’t know which part you are looking at.

As a general note, when directing someone to anything on the McMaster-Carr website, do so by part number, not URL. It is the only way to show the person anything more specific than a broad category of parts.

This is the first thing I thought of as well. Seems simple enough.

Sorry about the link thing - you are right. Here is the part number:


Understand your concern about torque but this seems like it will work well for us. Testing will tell us the real answer!