80" inch rule

How is evryone dealing with the 80 inch rule because it has caused us some trouble?

What kind? Given a 37" long robot + some buffer space for bumpers and such, you still get around 35 inches of space in front of you.

Our design is safely within 80".

We originally wanted to lasso the ball, but the 80" rule put and end to that idea.

We are working diligently to stay within the limit. We even drew an 80" circle on the shop floor with a Sharpie to help guide us.

Does anyone know whether the 80 inch rule is applied to the maximum possible siz eof the robot or whether it is not illegal for your robot to be possible to expand farther than the 80 inch diameter but in the game does not.


it can expand farther than 80 inches but just not in the game.


p.s. yes, the rule has affected us severely

Q&A knows: http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=8205

80" is maximum size in the game. If your robot never extends beyond 80" in the game (through hard stops, programming, design, or some combination of the three), you will not be penalized. Note that it is possible to have robot configurations such that you are larger than 80". It is in your best interest to make sure that the robot cannot do that when powered on.

Also note that the 80" includes bumpers.

Entirely right; If they limited all robots that could be more than 80" at some time, most robots would be illegal because if they tip, they will most likely be over 80".