8020 Mass


Does anyone know how I would put the mass of 8020 into a part?

I found the iProperties’ Physical settings, but I don’t know the density of it to put in. I’m not even sure if that is the right place to go.



8020 is made out of aluminum. Use the density setting for aluminum and Inventor will do the rest.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but not if I’m doing something quickly using just a solid material, not a actual drawing of 8020.


Ah, in that case I am not quite sure how to help you. I think it would be easier to get a drawing of 8020 and find it’s density.

Heh. I can’t even type in that field. Grr.

Guess I have to remodel this piece as a assembly of 8020? That doesn’t sound like fun.


You can use this link to get some 8020 models. This may help you.


Someone correct me, as I don’t know if this is how to do a CAD model of a chassis in 8020. Should it be broken up so that pretty much each piece is a stick, i.e. a separate part, or something else?


Yeah, each piece would be used as a rod. They make nuts that slip into the frames. You’ll also notice that a 1/4 20 button head bolt will slip right into the extrusion. If you use 1x1 inch, you can tap the end with an 1/4 20 thread, then connect it by slipping a bolt head into one piece and tightening it to the tapped end of the other. You can tighten it by drilling a hole right behind the head of the bolt, so you can get an allen key to it. It’s hrad to describe so this may not make sense. If you use Loctite it will suffice for a frame. My did it in 2008 and it worked just fine.

Here is a good site to get custom length 80/20 CAD/Inventor/SolidWorks files.


Choose 10 or 15 series. The “most common” is the 10 series. 1" sides.

I think I understood. Our team has used 8020 for years, just I’m one of the few surviving people who know how to use CAD.

This is going to be fun. Whee…

I wish I could drag Inventor windows to my second monitor, would be soo much easier than flipping back and forth to see my measurements.


go to where you would edit the color- then go all the way down to material styles, then open that, then double click on aluminum 6061, it should turn bold, then the entire solid is recognized as aluminum 6061, including the mass

Thanks, but as far as I know if I model a rectangle 1"x1"x12" it’ll model the mass as a solid piece of Aluminum with the same volume.


yes, you must put the thickness of the tubing into the sketch, but if you use extruded 80/20, it will do the shape

you can shell stuff too. to make it a hollow piece

I would also verify the weight of your piece. Library components may have simplified fillets. 80-20 is a complex extrusion, some components dont model all the detail and then your weight will be off a bit.


densities in lbs per cu in:

1010 - 0.042475
1515 - 0.111917
1515 lite - 0.087167

Make certain that when you are calculating mass you take density out to at least 4 decimal places - especially in an SI (millimeter -gram-second) units.