8033 Call for Mentors!

8033 is looking for mentors! We are a student-led, community based FRC team located in Piedmont, California that has students from 10 different high schools. Recently we have moved to a newly built lab space at Piedmont High School that has all the needed tools. We are also supported by Piedmont Makers, an active organization in FIRST. Despite our team only being 4 years old we have qualified for Worlds for the past two years, and have grown from 11 to over 50 members. In the coming years we hope to build even more competitive designs, further our impact on the community and continue providing an amazing STEM education to high schoolers in the Bay Area. We need help to accomplish this!

In the coming months, two of our wonderful mechanical mentors, Justin Page and Michael Abbot, will be finishing grad school and moving on to new horizons. This leaves our team with a few open spots for mechanical mentors.

We meet 5-7 days a week during the build season, weekdays after school and weekends all day. We are looking primarily for mechanical mentors that are available 2-3 times a week though any commitment is welcome. Ideally we’d like to find mentors who are willing to stay with the team for multiple years on end. If you are a grad student or have professional experience in your field, live in the Bay Area and are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at: [email protected]. We would love to hear from anyone regardless of long term or weekly availability, and quantity of previous experience. Thank you!


Sounds like an awesome opportunity. And let me just say WOW! Your school has to be in one of the more amazing / beautiful areas that I’ve seen.


8033 has rock solid community and parent support, maturing mentor structure, and the students are engaged and enthusiastic. Strongly recommend touching base with them if you’re in the area and interested in mentoring a team with a specific mentor role and responsibility and understanding of other non-frc adult priorities.

Mentors reading this - I help run 841 a couple miles away and we collaborate frequently, happy to serve as a external reference - shoot me a dm.


8033 is an awesome group of people, and definitely one of the next best things coming out of the Bay Area. Highly recommend working with them if you have the chance!


Vouch for all the above. They’ve got crazy drive at both the student and mentor level.


@Andrew_L @BryceHanson @s-neff You’re all too kind! Thank you!

Goes without saying we wouldn’t be where we are without the support of the community. Shout outs in particular to 841, 5419 and 7419 who helped us get started and 1678 who have been on call whenever we’ve had question.

If anyone has questions about how we approach mentorship on 8033 feel free to reach out here, on discord, or on the NorCal Mentors Slack.


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