8033 Galileo Open Scouting Data and Analysis App | Available to all teams

Team 8033 is proud to announce a pilot release for our first full-fledged scouting and analysis system!

In addition, we wil be releasing full scouting data for Galileo divison, detailed later in this post!

Our dashboard app integrates the following strategic and analytical features into one app:

  • Intelligent match schedule visualization
    • Sort by completed and upcoming matches
    • Sort by teams, including multiple at once
    • Match predictor, with score projection and odds
    • Alliance page, featuring visualized auto paths for each team, and ideal team roles
    • Suggestions page, which tries to create a reasonable strategy for a given match
  • Hypothetical matches and alliances
  • Detailed team breakdowns with visuals to see trends
  • Weighted picklist generation
    • Sharable picklists
    • Mutable picklists, allowing for manual-reordering of teams and team cross-off (coming soon)

Overall, the featureset and convenience of our system has been a huge boost for us this season, and we believe it is a significant step up from traditional spreadsheet-based systems in almost every way - from convenience to data quality.

The best part is, this app, along with all of our scouting data for the Galileo division, (every team, every match) is being released, effective now!

In order to pilot the release of our full system, 8033 is opening all of our scouting data, along with our analysis app, to any team who wants it. This will allow teams to create picklists, run match strategy, and effectively keep track of Galileo without needing to worry about scouting at all. Of course, we’re sure there many issues we might run into; but thus is the point of piloting it at the championship.

Some of the issues we’ve already seen are (besides the occasional mis-scouted match)

  • Server not loading on certain cell carriers - host lookup failed
  • Suggestions page (beta) still has many bugs
  • Auto path visualizations are hit or miss- the system may miss categorize certain paths; though we expect it to run smoothly at worlds

Used by the team for Central Valley and Monterey Bay Regionals, we hope our pilot will pave the way for a full release of the system in the near future. Thanks to teams 4131 and 3044 for being early testers of our full system! And also a huge thanks to team 1678, who’s system was the starting point for ours all the way back in the offseason of 2022.


Attached below is the system’s white-paper with directions on use, explanations behind features and plans for the future of the system. Enjoy!

We will update this post with a link to the app when the match schedule for Galileo is released.

If you are interested, feel free to contact [email protected] or leave a comment!

Scouting White-Paper

Thank you!

-Team 8033


The look alone is amazing! I’d love to talk with you guys in the pits about how you went about developing this application; I’ve been a scouting app fanatic for these past few seasons so I’m really excited to see cool creations like this


Looking forward to seeing tgis in action. With only 6 students attending this will be very helpful.

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Team 8033 has officially released our scouting dashboard app for anyone to try out!

It will only have data for the Galileo Division, which will populate as matches are completed tomorrow.

To install, click the link below (on iOS, builds for Android and web are coming in the near future) and download the Dashboard App through Apple TestFlight.

Once downloaded, select the “Analyst” role. Click next, and type in our server authority:

Or, select “Use QR code” and scan this:

Finally, select Galileo Division 2023. Make sure not to select Galileo 2022!

Please let us know if you find any issues! You can quickly contact us by messaging on our Instagram, or emailing us at [email protected]. This is a first-year entirely student led project, so there may be some bugs!

Please note that the suggestion page has not been fully finished due to time constraints. We know there is an issue with auto paths colliding, and this is something we may try to fix this weekend, or in the near future.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and we hope you find our data useful!


Server Issues
The server has crashed once today, we have just put it back up. Additionally, the suggestions page is currently disabled. Sorry for any inconvenience that causes!

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Android Dashboard App
To install on Android, click the link below (note the IOS version is on a different reply on this thread) and install the .apk file. The set up process is identical on Android compared to IOS, so follow the post above.

Our server authority is still:

Thanks to everyone for reading, and we hope you find our data useful!

Android release 1.11 (apk)

(We apologize for an issue with the link in a previous version of this post. Please tell us if this does not work!)

Download link has been updated.

Is this open source? Would love to do something similar over here in NE next year

Our repositories are all visible here: HighlanderRobotics · GitHub
If you contact us in advance at [email protected] we can help set your team up with both the collection app and the dashboard app. Part of our off season will be trying to make the setup process as easy as possible.


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