8044 is proud to present R2-Bee2

The Denham Springs STEM and Robotics Center, Denham Springs High School, and FIRST Team #8044, Denham Venom, are proud to introduce our robot for the 2021 Competition Season, R2-Bee2.

Due to Covid-19 and our lack of competition last year, we made the decision to overhaul last year’s robot instead of creating an entirely new build. We’ve upgraded a lot of the core features. The robot has new custom cut gearboxes, added autonomous modes, faster shot times, and a completely reconfigured electrical system, and an entirely new code base, R2 is faster, sleeker, and ready to compete in the 2021 Infinite Recharge at Home Challenge.

It’s been a challenge growing a 2nd year rookie team who didn’t get to compete with their bot, but I’ve been so proud of all of the work that they’ve done and continue to do. We hope to release a reveal video soon.


Super impressive that your “rookie” team managed this nice of a robot, and that you managed to improve upon it without having competition experience under the belt. I would love to see the reveal when it is ready!

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Our bots are super alike! We are also using a horizontal flywheel and a spinup wheel for our storage. Though we used traction wheels for our flywheel. What made you decide to use pneumatic wheels compared to other wheels?

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Robot looks awesome! I’m getting a lot of 2013 vibes from it :slightly_smiling_face:


The wheels are Colson wheels. They have a heavier weight than the regular traction wheels and these in particular are raised along the middle which we’ve found helps with the straight shots.

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Nice Job Daniel! You are doing great things over there!


Thanks Clint. Here’s hoping we can have off-season events soon. Maybe even one at the beach :smiley:


Just out of curiosity, what made you guys decide on a horizontal shooter? Always interesting to see what made teams choose to do what they do. :))

Nice build! Congrats to the team!

It was partially due to the perceived difficulty of building an adjustable hooded shooter by the team and also the determination of the overall accuracy of a two-wheeled shooter for larger targets. The main thing we sacrificed was the ease at getting more than three balls easily stored but have an idea or two on how to mitigate that if we get back to actual competitions this year.

Alright, that makes some sense, cool way to overcome the challenge!

Congrats on the fastest Titanium Hyperdrive score!

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Thank you!

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