816's 2010 Robot

Here’s 816’s Breakaway Robot, Anomaly V9.0 “The Punter”.

Overall Specs:

8WD with AM Plaction Wheels
Approximately 10-11fps Speed
Can Climb The Bump And Go Through The Tunnel
Pneumatic Kicker That can Kick From Any Zone to the Next
“Ball Magnet”

Feel Free to ask any questions you have.

(PS, Sorry I don’t have video.)

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Are you worried about balls getting stuck on the top? It looks like the bumpers will hold them in.

Personally, I’m not worried about balls getting stuck on top.

It can happen though, but we found that it’s a bit difficult to do unless our robot is stationary. I tested it under our ball return on our practice field and also by throwing/dropping balls on top and found that a ball has the tendancy to bounce at least once or twice after hitting the top of our robot and usually this is enough to get the ball off of our machine. If a ball does get stuck then it’s just a matter of driving forward or backwards and stopping abruptly.

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I meant 2010. (If a mod were to read this can they change the title for me)

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Any video of the ball magnet in action? That is what seperates the men from the boys IMO.

Looks a lot like what I put in the crate, so I guess I have to like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would recommend just some standoffs on top for the lexan dome to make it flat atop the bumpers. Even if its flat, balls will roll or bounce off, and they have no chance of getting wedged between a bumper and lexan.

respect 816.