83 year old WWII vet fights condo board of directors (aka: dictators) to use Segway



That’s crazy! I hope they rule that he is allowed to use it.

Why in the world do they ban the Segway??? it’s a lot less dangerous than a car and golf carts…

Though, in all fairness, they can still pack a punch. At the Championship a couple of years ago, I intentionally took a hit from one that’d had about five feet of run-up to show a fellow FVC ref that they’re safe. I was pushed back a bit, but unhurt–and that’s with 250-pound, healthy-as-an-ox me against a significantly smaller rider atop it. Were I more frail, I’d be a little more concerned.

I could see mandating the use of the black key (or beginner mode, depending on the unit), but I’m with him–an outright ban is unwise.

You expect a car or a bike on the street, you don’t really expect a Segway inside.


Link seems to forwards to some Political CNN thing. :frowning: