8332, the very model of a modern major Rookie Team

Undefeated #1 Seed at FiM Walled Lake, scoring cargo smoothly and quickly. No swerve needed.

These rookies have a lot to be proud of, as does their mentoring team 3538. If these two end up together on an MSC alliance, any defenders are going to be seriously tested.


8332 will be declining an invite to MSC, we don’t have the mentor bandwidth to support both teams or the financial backing to pay another registration fee. Additionally we’d rather another team has the chance to compete at MSC.


Thanks, Mike. Before you explained this, I was confused by the lack of sponsors listed on 8332’s TBA page. That was easier to handle in 2020 /2021 with no two-team travel needed.

8332 will need its own sponsors and mentors going forward. Their success this season should help with recruiting those.

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rookies take note, just have the same robot as the best team in michigan and you’ll do well


rookies take note, just have the same robot as the best team in michigan and you’ll do well learn from and use the veteran teams nearby, the mentorship model works incredibly well when used to its fullest potential.


I do believe team 8332 has the same robot as 3538. While they are by no means the best robot in the state, they are definitely highly competitive. However, as far as I understand (I was at an event with 8332), 8332 is just a shell team that 3538 uses as a “JV” team for their newer members. Additionally, I’m not sure if they even have actual members because the only people there for the team were members of team 33 (killer bees) helping the team out and members of 3538 with the number 8332 taped across their shirts.


As far as i knew, that single 33 member was a stand in mentor for the team? cc @Murvar


Please don’t speculate. The origins of team 8332 are interesting, including a dissolved highschool. The mentors of 3538 will be happy to talk to you about exactly what happened with them. In fact, I had a wonderful conversation with them about it, and the story of what happened and how and why is so convoluted that I won’t begin to try to repeat it.


Thank you, Tom. So 8332 did have a real independent Rookie year, playing one event in 2020 before the world went sideways, and were later adopted by 3538? That sounds like a great FRC story that might be told sometime, maybe to a Judge panel.

Anyway, thanks for putting to rest the incorrect notion that 8332 is a shell. Their performance at Walled Lake deserves to be remembered better.


I appreciate the sole picture of their robot on TBA


It’s a hard-knock life.

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Searches quickly. Now where’s the picture of stryke force decapitating themselves on the color wheel…


I can relate to that experience, that teams got a good sense of humor.


Fun fact the bearing race breaking is the failure mode if you drop the robot on the shooter.


I guess I am having a hard time understanding the reason for secret origin story… Especially when the team shows up with a nearly identical bot (branded the same way) and shirts with the wrong number. It creates an environment that invites assumptions.

If it is truly a different rookie team, we’d love the story. Because there are still chassis-bots in the Michigan District, and us local veteran teams could really use help helping.

If you have a problem with the asymmetrical information environment in FRC, pointing at one team based organization instead of Manchester probably isn’t the best way to direct your energy.


I don’t think it is fair to call them a rookie team whenever thay have the same robot as a very well established team. I am not saying that having a junior team build the same robot as the senior team is bad thing, I just don’t think it is fair to put them on the same level as almost all other rookie teams. Once again, nothing against what 8332 accomplished this year.

I feel like the “secret origin” stems from seemingly malicious sarcasm from OP, not anything from the teams themselves.


You say secret like there’s a secret - when there isn’t one. It’s a story spanning 3 years, a school closure, covid, and a bunch of churn. If you want the complete story, talk to someone on 8332, or 3538. They’ll be happy to share.