836 Library Release

Most of it this been programmed using LabView 2014 so you probably won’t be able to view or run it until Saturday.

Rather than releasing robot code, we’re releasing a library this year. With examples even! Simply unzip the file and run “install.exe” and you’ll be given a prompt for where to install the library and the examples. By default the library will install to user.lib and the examples will install themselves to the LV examples directory. If you have any issues or questions, please ask and we’ll try to answer them. If something doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll try to troubleshoot. Some of these were written over the past few months and haven’t been completely debugged.

836 Installer.zip (1.84 MB)

836 Installer.zip (1.84 MB)

Have you considered using VIPM to release this instead?

I have only went briefly over the examples, but can you explain why do you use the FIFO and config file vi’s for?
How does it work?


I’ve looked at it but haven’t had time to learn to use it.

Which FIFO and config VIs are you referring to?