84" Grace Period

I can’t find a satisfying answer to this in the rules and I feel like this is something that would be covered in a drivers’ meeting before a regional.

If a robot extends past the 60" while in its own AUTOZONE (we will say this is the BLUE bot), then an opposing (RED) defensive bot pushes it out of the AUTOZONE then prevents BLUE from entering again, how long can the BLUE robot maintain its >60" height? Also, how would this rule be enforced with permanent 84" robots?

I am sure there is an answer somewhere but I don’t know where it exists.

Thank you!

There is no grace period. It is the 84" robot responsibility to lower the blocker if it gets pushed

There is no grace period in the rules. If the referee doesn’t see it as a G18-1 action it the teams responsibility to not be over 60" outside their auto zone.

Asking in the driver’s meeting is to get the best idea how your referees are going to call it.

How is it ruled if the robot is built to permanently be 84" and then gets pushed out of the AUTOZONE?

Bad Design? Unless it is a deliberate action just for penalty points (in the referees judgement), you will get the foul.

I think the best coverage of this is G22:

G22ROBOT height (as defined in relation to the ROBOT) must be restricted as follows during the MATCH:

A.If in contact with the carpet in its AUTO ZONE and/or its PYRAMID, ≤ 84 in.
B.Otherwise, ≤ 60 in.

Violation: FOUL. If continuous or repeated violations, TECHNICAL FOUL.

Now what is open for interpretation are the words continuous and repeated.

My suspicion is that some refs might give a technical at the second offense where as others I have seen give a series of 3 pt. fouls.

In my opinion, if the team is pushed out an immediately tries to return, then the 3 pt. is a reasonable interpretation for each infraction. If the team drives out on their own, they would get 1 3pt. and subsequent infractions would be a 20 point. As far as continuous goes, I would use the pinning 5 count to set precedence as “continuous”. In other words, if a team goes over a 5 count where they ahve the opportunity to return but choose not to, then I would give them a 20 pt. foul. Again, these are my opinions, and I am not a ref.

Ultimately, there is enough subjectivity in this rule that there will likely be considerable variation from event to event, just like some of the contact rules have variation event to event. Your best bet on these is to ask as precise questions about them in advance at the drivers meeting in order to understand how your particular reffing crew will handle the calls. Using mature sports that have had essentially the same rules for years, it is unreasonable to assume that the calls will be 100% uniform from event to event, but it is not unreasonable to ask for the calls to be consistent at your event. Please be understanding that quick calls can get missed (like a momentary crossing or a crossing by 1"), but the refs should notice an 83" tall robot hanging out in the mid field. Especially if they are there and still blocking shots…