842 grabber and catapult

Still working out the bugs, we are using three limit switches right now, will try ultra sonic sensor tomorrow…

Looks nice! We have a similar design and are a little worried about our arms getting destroyed. I think it’s going to be a pretty rough game this year. You guys making extra arms too?

we will make spares

May I ask what compressor you guys are using? We are currently using the tiny viar compressor, but we know from previous seasons that it’s just matter of time before it melts away. We are looking at other compressors to replace it.

Once again great robot guys. Our team has a similar design and it’s always nice to know that other teams were thinking the same way.

The little compressor says it has a 9% duty cycle. That’s two minutes on, twenty minutes off, right?

That duty cycle is based on the compressor’s passive cooling system. Put a box fan on it (like this http://sdrv.ms/McIfuR) and it runs a lot cooler.