842 Grabber test

looking good! and I recognize some of the voices

Pretty butterfly! If you guys can get this flawless, I see a design award coming. Also you may wanna find a way for the pistons to actuate the claws (wings) so that they are mounted parallel to the claws’ axel. It seems like if someone hit a claw it would bend the piston pretty bad.

Looking really great guys! If you have the capability, you should certainly make the grabber active with some wheels to bring in the balls while shortening the piston stroke length to just clear the ball when shooting. That way, you guys will be able to acquire the ball without having to have any certain precision.

We’ve discussed this, and may add wheels/rollers to the arm later if we decide they are needed. There is much testing still to be done. At the moment, we like the wide opening that we have on the ball before grabbing, and probably want to keep it as big as possible.

Looking awesome as is in the video. The wings make it look good as a catcher robot too. Any thoughts on whether you guys will have a bounce pass action? Maybe with the shooter?


Very nice. Our grabber is similar in design, but we do tilt with pneumatics. I had been wondering how you guys were going to load that devastating catapult you have. Can’t wait to see this robot compete!