842's 2015 Scouting System

I am proud to announce that Falcon Robotic’s 2015 Scouting program is ready for download and use. In addition to precompiled code, we will also be posting the source, to allow tinkerers the ability to edit and adjust the program for their team’s needs.

The program comes in three parts: the main system, the data analyzer, and the schedule builder.

The main scouting system allows for 6 scouters to take data during a match using game controllers. The gui allows the scouters to adjust each data label and data value, allowing the users to scout for whatever data they want, without needing to re-code and re-compile. All data is saved to a specified folder, and is automatically saved after each match.

If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions of features you’d like to see in the program, feel free to post or email me [email protected].



The main scouting system:

The Reader Program:

The Schedule Builder:

Program Download:

Download the “Installer” folder for the pre-compiled files.
Download the “Source” folder for the source files.

Can you please compress the source folder? I’d like to check out your program but downloading an entire solution file by file is quite painstaking with Google Drive.

Great job making it modular from year to year Jack! Sure to be a better addition than our previous scouting systems.

Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t realize that you had to download each file individually when downloading from a public folder. All the source files should be re-uploaded.

Looks pretty good now. Do you have a sample data set or something to just use for testing?

Yea, I’ll make an example event folder, probably modeled off Dallas or something. I’ll upload it later today.

Clearly you used Visual studio or something of the likes, what language did you use in particular though? C#, Visual Basic, C++ or something else?

If you look at the source it is in C#.

Oh sorry, I really should have included it in the first post, but I’m using C# (Visual studio 2010). For those who are not familiar, C# is extremely similar to java.