865 Demo bot

Are team just finished our demo bot just in time for demo season. It’s a 4wd 4 mini-CIM geared pneumatic drive train. We have geared it to 17fps with 1:10 VersaPlanetarys.

Of course we made a dubstep Trailer to make everyone cringe:

Nice, man! That goes really fast, probably because you are using gigantor motors :D. Now, you need to add features to it so that it ain’t just a moving base :stuck_out_tongue:
:smiley: ::ouch:: :deadhorse:

Just wondering but why don’t you try direct-drive? It doesn’t seem as though you are getting any reductions using those two ginormous gears, only an inefficiency!

This bot’s main design was for being a tough and rugged enough to go down stairs and flipping (maybe thrown down).

Reinforcement to the mini cim to the frame for rigidity is planned, as well as changing out the shafts to a thicker stronger one.

A removable function is also planned

and those big gears are 1:1 Ratio’d

The output shaft of the versaPlanetaries are aluminium and aren’t supported well enough for a cantilevered drive train, the gears allow for much stronger 1/2" steel shafts. It’s also easier and cheaper to replace a shaft and maybe a gear in the event of a crash

That’s nice. That makes me think, we should have gear transmission to everything so we can have all the motors in the same place on our robot! That would be a very geary robot :D. I’ll have to say, that is pretty smart. However, why don’t you reduce the gear size and move the motors closer to the wheels?
My humor sucks, doesn’t it?

Those are the smallest gears available with a 6 hole bolt pattern.

How is it controlled?

We have a sasquatch but right now we are just using a RC controller (9X) with talons