868 TechHOUNDS 2014 Reveal

This is our robot for the 2014 game: Aerial Assist


Good luck to all and have a great season!!

6 CIM single speed drivetrian
8 wheel WCD with 3’’ Colson wheels
6’’ Colson wheel shooter powered by 4 miniCIMs

Caught your video last night on Top25. Very impressive shooter.

Very nice shooter and the accuracy is superb. If I may ask other than the “6’’ Colson wheel shooter powered by 4 miniCIMs” is there anything else helping the shooter to generate the force?

Our collector rolls the ball into the shooter at a low speed, and that is the only other force moving the ball. All the shooting force is from the four shooter wheels. The concept was taken from our 2013 robot, a two stage direct driven shooter.

Hands down one of the coolest designs I’ve seen so far. I can’t wait to see it take to the field.


Love the backspin on the ball.

Great-looking robot! I love how simple your shot procedure is… it’s fun watching shot after shot go in!