868 Would like to join the 2 ball club

This is a link

2 ball cheval auton coming soon

Nice work! You’re cutting it close, but really nice work.

Wow! If a robot launches a boulder in auto, and it is out of the robot during auto, but auto ends and teleop begins during the boulder’s flight so that it goes into the high goal during teleop, is it counted as auto or teleop? I saw a video of that happening in a match somewhere, but I can’t remember where.

Boulders are scored based on the time when they pass through the opening of the goal.

Looks like if that happened the ball should be scored as a teleop ball. Although in the regular season it usually seemed like if a robot shot the ball in auto, referees would usually count it as an auto ball. I’m sure it happened to us a few times.

Beautiful - nice going, not for the low bar,

And really nice shark dance - (Tech hound - shark wha?)

Their bot is named Hammerhead this year…

Awesome robot! Looking forward to seeing the 2 ball at IRI.
Is there anyone else that could be potentially also doing a 2 ball?

To my knowledge, this is the list of 2-ball autos at IRI:

  • 179 (low bar)
  • 195 (low bar)
  • 868 (rock wall in position 3)

This is a pretty impressive first 2-ball auto, the first one I’ve seen (including non-IRI teams) that does not use the low bar.

:yikes: :ahh: :confused: ::rtm:::smiley:

254 and 118 showed off two ball autos from the rock wall before champs. Unsure if it ever worked in a match or not but there is videos of them on the thread " Dropshots Fired"

Practicing all-day today for IRI with another Texas IRI team I witnessed them pulling off multiple 2-ball autons over B and D defenses.

It was “electrically shocking” to witness!!

MAYBE they’ll announce their new capability before IRI or just show-up and start wowing everybody… :wink:

–Michael Blake

Just gonna say 254 isn’t at IRI

195 has non-low bar 2 balls as well.
118 has both low bar and defense 2 balls (they never got either to work at world’s from what I’ve seen though.)
There are at least 2 more teams with 2 balls that haven’t shown them off in addition to Micheal’s “lightening” team :]

Looking sweet tech-hounds with the 2 ball! It was fun competing with you guys in Carson, can’t wait to see you guys once again at IRI.

I have a guess of what team this is. Let’s see if I’m right. :smiley:

That’s a nice bench grinder you got there :wink:

Looks exciting. Raises the chances of a two-two-ball alliance. Let’s see who joins 868, 195 and 179.

It looks like 1241 is also working on a two ball auton based on their github repository. Would be the first non-lowbar robot to do so.