8k 2019 Top-down Orthographic field views

Splitting off slightly from a very similarly named thread, I have created a full 8k render of the field for teams to use. Any extraneous markings do not exist, and only shows what should be on the field at any given time.

The only thing missing is the hatch panels, but as far as i know the import of the Solidworks file omitted them for one reason or another, so i have no actual CAD of them. If this is an issue, im sorry in advance. Ill also update this when proper STEP files become available.

The image is fairly “big” (21mb) and exceeds the limits of CD, so ive uploaded it to Google Drive here
for viewing/downloading.

If you use this in any public facing setting, please do give credit back to this thread.

If youre interested in different colors of the carpet/background for whatever reason, feel free to ask here and i can whip it up, but they do take time to make (about an hour per at 8k) so please dont try and ask me day 1 of a comp and expect it fast.


By any chance could you release a copy with the carpet being white?

Apologies for the wait.


Thank you

In the RobotPy simulator, we can enter a field picture to test our drivetrain and autonomous. Do you know what the pixels/foot are for your file? It would be great if its a nice integer.

I got around 103.8 repeating when using just the field itself.

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