8mm bore Slick Wheels AndyMark

There is a new product at the link below that I think is worth mentioning.


The description says “do not post until September 8th”

Is this another joke, or is this the real deal?

Must be a joke… must be… please be a joke…

no no no no no no no

Oh, these are for FTC. :stuck_out_tongue:

These stealth wheels have an integrated hub matching that of current Tetrix wheels. This means existing tetrix hub can be used to mate this wheel with a shaft.

Those may be, but these aren’t…

No please no. I do not want to see Lunacy played with FTC robots. FTC already has enough problems with static, so this would make each match unplayable.

September 8th is the reveal date for FTC’s “Rover Ruckus”. Maybe both FRC and FTC will be requiring slick wheels.

I noticed today that both were taken off the “New Products” page at AndyMark](http://www.andymark.com/New-Products-s/189.htm). Joke over,or cover up beginning?

Looking forward to it :wink:

I’m of the opinion that a field gimmick in FTC would be rather fun, so the new wheels look pretty good.

Sure, fun from the perspective of “static shocks breaking every robot all the time all season long”.

It’s part of the challenge!

FTC already has a big problem with static. There’s even a rule specifically against dragging a bare wire against the floor to ground your robot.

FTC has come a long way from the assumption that at least 1 robot on the field will die each match. I would hate to see that come back.

Sorry, this past season was my first year of FTC. Could you please elaborate on some of the past issues with static shocks?

It’s not even a past issue. Teams this year had plenty of issues with the static generated from the robots driving on foam tiles. Some events will spray some anti-static on the mats, but that doesn’t solve the issue always.

If each robot builds up a static charge, robot to robot contact can cause this charge to harm electronics. Even contacting the metal field perimeter can cause shorts (happened to my team in a semi-final match). A lot of teams will add non-conductive material to their frame perimeter edges to avoid these issues.

Even though the foam tiles aren’t as bad with static as the Lunacy field, Lunacy required each robot to have bumpers (made mostly of wood, fabric, and pool noodles). Robots would generate loads of static, but there was never an opportunity to discharge. FTC has plenty of opportunities to discharge static, some even being (almost) required to touch if you wanted to score (touching the wall when scoring the Relic).

The game could be designed to circumvent these issues, right? That said, I highly doubt FIRST will have a regolith field surface again, this just looks like AndyMark having fun with the FTC community.

I’m sure AndyMark is having fun, but FTC have not tried to solve the static issue. They actually do the opposite when they made a rule about dragging a bare wire. The reason they gave as to why they banned that is that “not every team would do that, causing shorts when two robots touch”. They then added a rule about adding a “main” power switch because the REV Expansion Hubs each have one (2 can be used on 1 robot). I feel like if FIRST wanted to address this issue they already could have.