8x16 RGB LED Coffee Table

This summer all the interns at Texas Instruments were challenged to build projects based around a MSP430 microcontroller. My group built a RGB LED Coffee Table that pulses to music.

Check it out here:


Pretty cool! I am going to bet someone will want this in a bigger format. Are you guys ready for ramping up for the demand?

Can i get this for my room?? I would love to have a room that had walls pulsing to music. They can wake me up in the morning and there won’t be a need for an overhead lighting fixture. XD

I would so pay lots of money for that! Not too much, just a lot of money.

How does it know when to light up which light? Does it simply react to the music or did you program these songs? If it reacts to the music, would it react to other sounds as well? Does each note reference a certain part of the table? If you can give a bit more info on how it makes these decisions, I’d find it highly interesting to read. If you can’t, I understand that as well.


the beat detection software analyzes the music and generates an image of the table. the computer then sends all the RGB values to the MSP which just loops through red green blue and displays the correct array index in the correct cell

It reacts to the music. We don’t preprogram anything. The beat detection algorithms trys to find beats in whatever is playing in MPD. It could react to anything, but it has to be played the MPD (a linux music player)

Nope, it is completely random. The program does try to plot the same beat in the same spot though.

When I get some more time I can answers any questions you have in more detail.

And it looks like voting is open to the general public!! We would really appreciate you vote if you like our project!!


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