9 cube 38 second Exchange - Team 1836

I’m incredibly proud to present a video of our 38 second 9 cube exchange! Even in worst case scenario drive practice, we’re now consistently doing the vault in under a minute.

Shoutout to 4201 for graciously hosting us at their field for the past 4 weekends and to 4607 for motivating my drive team to speed up their vault run.

Stay posted for more videos over the next few days and see you at AZ North!!

I was waiting for this one to drop… extremely impressive 1836! From what I’ve seen during week 1, you’re probably one of the fastest teams in the world at the Vault.

I don’t think we’ll be able to compete with that… especially now that our driveteam learned a cool new trick for another aspect of the game.

I’m so impressed by the amount of improvement you guys have made! I’m really excited to see how well you do at AZ North! Good luck to our friends in California!

That’s pretty neat. Do y’all have a climbing Mechanism? If so im sure you’ll be in the top 8 at any regional

What do you mean by ‘worst case scenario’? Is that just defense, or are there other things you are throwing at your driver?

That is an impressive feat, I love robots that focus on one task and do it really well.

Now we are talking.

And we’re exited to have friends in Minnesota! This has been fun. A lot of fun. Good luck to you all this week, as well. We’re rooting for you.

No climbing mechanism as of right now.

The saga continues

Excellent job! The vault fill speed has been crucial at week 1, and I imagine it will only go up from there. Now it’s a matter of CIS’ response :wink:

This is pretty incredible

As drive coach, I see it as my responsibility to prepare my drive team for not just the ideal case, but every scenario of what will happen in a match. I tend to go overboard in doing this preparation, but I’m confident that it prepares us to best simulate real matches.

Specifically for this pyramid-exchange cycle, we did a lot of worst case scenario drive practice. These scenarios include far driver station, awful set up (both in field-position and cube orientation), missing cubes in the pyramid (so we had to grab from HP or switch areas), limited vision, obnoxious music, partner died in the way, opponent playing defense, partner trying to help but making it worse, arm setpoint failure, intake failure, no superstructure (just driving), drive motor/close loop controls failure, and putting the pyramid back together from scattered cubes.

We probably did a few more things, but those were the big ones for exchange practice that come to mind. While many of these things will never happen in a real match, this preparation helped our drive team better prepare for these scenarios as well as on-the-fly solutions to other problems that may arise.

Thanks everyone! We look forward to truly proving what we can do on the field this weekend!!

would this be ruled as launching? We received tech fouls for less than that…

Until you get it down to 18.36 seconds I’m going to have to go with 4607 for the 46.07 :wink:

You’re allowed to launch into the exchange from the exchange zone

Nice. Hope we get a match together in Northern AZ.

Can’t wait for Bomb Squad’s 00.16 second run.

We saw 4944 put 9 cubes into the Exchange in the last 30 seconds of a match at Utah, and 9 in the Exchange again in the last 30 seconds, but the human player couldn’t keep up and could only get 8 in the Vault.