9 cube 46.07 second Exchange - Team 4607

Team 4607: CIS is proud to share our 46.07 second Exchange of 9 cubes!


Watch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzdgFIrrD2c

Thank you to KnightKrawler (2052) and Centurions (2472) for hosting us on Saturday and Talon (2502) for hosting us on Sunday at their Week 0 events.

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@marcusbernstein shots fired

oof, is there some beef here? Which team can fill the vault fastest? Can’t wait to see a 30 second vault fill!

I’m over here wondering why anybody even wants to fill the vault.

My drive team accepts your challenge. Jokes on you, our robot can poop ;-p (outtake back side).

Love the format of

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And thanks to teams for Week 0 help

very creative.

It’s okay I know I’m invisible.

I didn’t copy your entire post and change the links at all.:smiley:

You forgot the /s I hope

Nope, I’m here wondering the same thing.

Yep! I tried to make that clear…stupid internet.

Edit: Had Girlfriend read CD posts to me while driving. Something was lost in translation and I didn’t realize that Taylor was quoting Basel…

Note to self: Teach Girlfriend more robots.

I think they were referring to Basel’s post about filling the vault.

I’ve got that now…thanks!

Simple yet effective :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The very act of filling the vault is 45 points without using power ups. That’s the same as keeping ownership of the switch/scale for 45 seconds. If a team can get 45 seconds worth of points in ~45 seconds now, I see no reason why it can’t be done faster during the season.

Didn’t get a chance to get exact numbers but strategic use of vault and powerups took teams from 200 some points to 300 some during Week 0 alone. Imagine the strategy development and use of this over the course of the competition weeks.

I figure the Vault is worth ~95 points in any given match.

45 for the Power Cubes

30 for Levitate

20 for either Boost/Force - I don’t think it’s likely that you get full points for both during the same match as you will either own the Switch and Scale or you won’t.

It’s possible to get up to 115 points for the Vault. In 45 seconds…

I wish it were as simple as it looks :wink:

I agree that it will be done faster during the season. One reason why I believe that is because it’s going to be insanely hard to defend. Our human player at the Portal said it was impossible to keep track of our bot when the arm was down (we’re 12 inches tall). So realistically, the practice done in isolation is a fair estimate for a real match result.

Additionally, this was after just 2 hours of driver practice (we’re never good at finishing robots on time). I imagine that teams who have more practice will be able to shave some seconds off. Sub 30 would be insanely impressive.

It’s not about points, it’s about cube allocation. Your opponent has a lot of easy cubes near your switch. You do too, but if you’re putting those cubes in the vault, your opponent will have a pretty easy time knocking you off your switch.

It’s viable if you can keep your opponents off your switch for long enough to equal out (115 in the vault + early switch time vs. 135 of switch time), but the strategy that’ll maximize points is getting both: ensure you hold the switch and put extra cubes in the vault.

The situation where that strategy does not maximize points is if you’re certain your opponents will take over your switch, and quickly. But when fighting for your switch, you start with control plus you have a big vision advantage and a decent quantity of cubes.

By the way, please don’t take my comments as an indictment of this robot. It’s phenomenal, and I don’t want to play against it.

I totally understand that line of thinking and I talked a little bit about it in my strategy paper. Basically you have to choose between your Vault and Home Switch with those 10 Power Cubes in the Power Cube Pile. It’s a pretty simple decision really - If the opponent ignores your Switch (or if your scouting data suggests they aren’t a threat) you fill the Vault. If the opponent is targeting your Switch and is a threat, you must leave a certain number of cubes in the Power Cube Pile for the Switch depending on your opponent. In addition to the Power Cube Pile, you also have easy access to the 6 cubes lined up on the Switch, and your starting cubes.

From what I saw, very few teams were running what I call “Death Cycles” from the Portal to the Away Switch. I’m going to guess that it’ll be overlooked by a lot of alliances in the early weeks of competiton (although the teams that do it will be very successful - personally they’re my favorite thing for our robot to do, and the thing we do best).

tl;dr Filling the Vault up completely will be a useful skill in some matches, and filling the Vault up partially will be a useful skill in every match.

No worries! I’m just excited to put out the actual reveal -
Filling the Vault isn’t actually what this robot was designed for. This was just thrown together in a couple hours :smiley: