#9 seed seems to be the spot to be....

Posted by Tom S. at 03/28/2001 8:31 PM EST

Student on team #177, The Bobcats, from South Windsor High School and International Fuel Cells.

I was just looking at the regional results… in all but 2 of the regionals (Philly and Langley), the #9 seed made the elims… in the 11 other regionals, 2 of the #9 seeds were knocked out in the first round… 2 of them were finalists (2nd place), and an amazing 7 of them won their regionals.

Just some wierd facts that i thought i’d share.

Tom Schindler
Team 177

Posted by Gui Cavalcanti at 03/28/2001 8:38 PM EST

Student on team #422, Mech Tech, from Governor’s School (GSGIS) and Verizon.

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Posted by Tom S. on 03/28/2001 8:31 PM EST:

Aww man… don’t mention being 9th place… WE were the guys in 9th at the Langley regional, and we all felt pretty darn horrible when we didn’t get into the finals. You know what made it worse? The reason we didn’t get in was .4 points… One more small ball in any of our goals in any of our matches would have landed us a spot in finals, we did the math.

Ah well,
Gui Cavalcanti