9 Spots Open Hawaii Regional?

Does anyone know what the scoop is on Hawaii regional showing only 9 spots open? What is the total capacity of that regional?

All events are reporting zero spots left and none of the event team lists are working. Probably a FIRST problem. I would guess that at the very least 24 spots are available, with it most likely having 35-40 total spots.

There are 9 teams currently registered for it. Are you not able to register for it at all?

EDIT: It does look like the “Capacity” function on the FRC Regionals page is now working, and that Hawaii now has a capacity of “0”. Interesting. I bet they’re saving spots in anticipation of many rookie teams.

If im not mistaken the Hawaii Regional is leaving very few slots for foreign teams as they want to let in more home teams. That might be why there is only 9 spots

If i am mistaken… MY BAD !!!

I see that RAWC and the CheesyPoofs are registered for Hawaii. Actually, eight of the nine teams registered AOTW are from outside Hawaii – mostly California.

Should be an exciting event.:slight_smile:

On one of the pages I saw, there was a note that there was a limited open capacity at Hawaii, saving spots for rookie teams in the state. If those teams didn’t materialize, the spots would be opened for other teams.

Yeah, you beat me…I saw it here:
0 capacity.

Go here:

I don’t know how it’s related to event capacity, but the database is displaying different information for me depending on how I access things.

If I go through the map at the top of the FIRST website, then choose Hawaii, and query “Who are the teams registered for this event?” I get 4 results.


If I go through Already Involved>FIRST Robotics Competition>Events>Regional Events>Hawaii Team List, I get 9 results – and they’re largely not common to the above four.


Indeed, the event capacity is expected to be approximately 36. There is one Hawaii team listed taking a mainland spot so there should be a waitlisted team who will make it as well.

Event Information:
Hawaii Regional (click event name for agenda, match results, awards, etc.)
Manoa Valley, Oahu, HI USA
Dates: 3/27/2008 - 3/29/2008
View the 9 teams registered for this event
Pending Teams: 0
Open Capacity: 0

Limited availability of openings necessary to accommodate the Rookie teams recruited in Hawaii for this regional. If these teams do not materialize then we can open up for others interested in attending.

Yes, the link is misleading and lists only those teams from Hawaii registered for any event. I believe the link should be something to the effect of “What are the teams registered from this state?”

It is interesting that two Hawaiian teams have already signed up for the Portland Regional. Will they hold open spots in the Hawaiian Regional for teams not signed up for Hawaii as a first choice?

Or will spots be held open only for rookie teams?

Any idea when the waitlist closes? We just signed up for the waitlist (sorry I was late, off getting married or something!!), as we missed the fact that only 9 spots were available… It would be nice to know sooner rather than later as Im sure flights arent going to get cheaper!!

Wow!!! We know almost all of the 8 teams signed up from the mainland. Surprised to see Poofs and WC signed up:D That’s great! I dont see teams 25 and 103 yet, but believe they are on the top of the wait list. I think they should be able to get in.:wink: One of those Hawaii teams took a non-Hawaii team spot.
Glad to see teams 597 and 1572 coming!!! They are both great competitive teams to hang out with and compete with/against in the Vegas regional in past years, including championships. :smiley: :smiley:

i guess i’m confused. we had signed up for hawaii and still hope to be able to go but had to withdraw and sign up for our local regional first since it was filling up. are there any open spots? are they all being saved for the new rookies?

thanks for your help

I think the idea is that 20-25 slots are being held for Hawaiian teams. If those spots aren’t all filled, the waitlisted mainland teams will then be allowed to fill them.

I thought that they weren’t allowed to hold spots for local teams unless they were rookies.:confused:
Does hawaii really have that many rookie teams? Or is it a porblem with FIRST?

Anyway. I know <u>we</u> were rather confused about it all when we first saw it. . . .

On another note, This is my first EVER post on chief Delphi! :]

Yeay for me!!!

Is this rumor or fact? - as a wait listed team that worked for a year prepping to go to this event I am deeply “concerned” about the situation (that is a translation- you guess for what). I would also like to know just when the decision to open the slots will be made. It is useless to us after all the other events are filled up. Do we even know the total capacity of the event? ( here we are being told that new FIRST events won’t even be considered unless they hold 60 teams)

If anybody has real official news regarding this situation I would appreciate some view from beyond the darkness.

WC :yikes:

would love to know just where we stand- all is in limbo here- because I missed the top 9 slots by less than an hour (I do work a job…) we sit in wait list limbo

any idea when the list will be opened?


No idea on the waitlist order as nobody is privy to that information.

Had a feeling slots would go fast as noted here.

wayne, we’re concerned also. thought that half of the slots would be for rookie teams and the rest would be open. we had registered for hawaii first as we have been fundraising and getting school board approval for the time out of school. i was one of the top 9 but thought that there were more slots available. since i didn’t see the veteran hawaiian teams registered, i figured, no problem - there must be plenty of room - we pulled out, signed up for our local which was filling quickly and now – guess we have to wait a few weeks more. :confused: