Will we see a 90 point score on the Pyramid

Yes, but not until IRI.

i don’t think so. At the 2010 Champs a you rarely/never saw three robots hang. i think we might see it once, but i don’t think it is going to be as common as the triple balance last year.

Yup. MSC and at least 2 of the CMP divisions. Possibly at MAR.

I garuntee you will see it. It is worth a ton of points and so worth trying out, and I am sure that many alliances will try it, and some will do it successfully.

Make that probably at MAR.

I would say it’s never going to happen in a FIRST Event. The space will be an issue. You’d have to have a couple outside or corner climbers to fit three bots at the top. It will take a special alliance to pull it off due to the space limitation above the 2nd rung and a scarcity of 30 point climbers.

I would love to see it though!



I’ll go on the record saying this will never happen outside of IRI

At MSC, anything is possible. I repeat…ANYTHING.

No, only at IRI where some teams might want to show off.

All that and IRI has been known to alter game rules. I refuse to consider what changes might make us see six robots off the ground and reaching for the rafters until after I’ve seen six doing their chin-up “easy” sawbuck points. :smiley:

It will happen, but not on the inside. The really is only room for one on the inside at the top.

Silicon Valley/San Jose would have a high probability of having a 90 point hang.

GTA West would be a good place with 1114 and 2056 and ???

Would sure be fun to see.

Unfortunately that is never going to happen. I’d never put anything beyond 1114 and 2056. But the field in Canada isn’t even close to deep enough for them to pick up a 30 point climber as the final draft pick.

Based on this logic (and it seems sound enough to me) a 30 point climber is virtually guaranteed to be picked by someone.

No, never, not at CMP, not at IRI.

Counter-intuitive Prediction: It will not happen in an elimination match, but will in a qualification match, multiple times. Most likely a certain California regional, both district championships, as well as Championship divisions (not on Einstein) and IRI as long as climbing points stay the same or increase at those two events.

Any robot that can climb to the third level will be picked before any one elimination alliance can get three. It is more likely that three will be paired randomly.

Also, more teams than expected will climb from the inside of the pyramid, so not all can fit.