9016 Presents: DJ Dumpling

Team 9016 The Syosset Braves Presents DJ Dumpling

Noteworthy Features:

  • Suction Powered Intake- Using 2 vacuum pumps using suction cups and a pneumatic gripper to grab game pieces.
  • 25 x 25 Frame Perimeter
  • SDS MK4i L3 Drivetrain
  • Pivoting Elevator- Inspired by Cranberry Alarm pivots 90 degrees to pick up and place game pieces.
  • Cascading Thrifty Elevator to place game pieces on all levels.
  • ~117lbs
  • Multiple autos including high cube and balance from anywhere.

Onshape Link

Changes since Hofstra:

  • Adding a second motor into our winch and elevator.
  • Adding LEDs to communicate game pieces to the human player.
  • Lowering the Winch motor/mounting bar.
  • Adding a second ballast bar.

Season Stats:
Long Island 1 - Rank 14 and winners of the Rookie All-Star Award. (with a wildcard thanks to 3015)
Long Island 2 - Rank 20 and winners of Highest Rookie Seed and Rookie Inspiration Award.
Houston - TBD

Also want to give a thanks to all the teams who provides us help, guidance or supplies this season.
@JamesCH95 and team 95 for providing some early season guidance.
353/358/810 for lending supplies back and forth and helping machine parts.
2638 and 2869 for supplies, guidance and thanks to great neck for helping bring some of our supplies to Houston.
3015 and especially Rob Heslin for my constant nagging when I had programming questions.


Very Thrifty.

Great work and congratulations on your success this season!


Looking good!


Sweet machine! How have the L3 ratio swerves been doing with a nearly full weight robot?


During our regionals we were lowering the throttle as we were very back heavy.
Just recently adjusting our CoG and modifying testing soon.
We have a preset for driving which should equal proper CoG. (Which will be readjusted in testing).

We hope to go even faster during houston. (Our programming wasn’t using PID previously to help with motor ramping as well)


Have you had to deal with slow acceleration or the motors pulling very high amps at all? SDS recommends L3’s for lighter weight robots, so I’m curious to know if there are any downsides to running them on a nearly full weight robot, especially since my team may be considering purchasing L3’s in the future.

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We used less throttle at the regional due to us having too much weight on the backend, causing a bit of tipping. (Tipping forward wasn’t an issue as we can right our selves.)

We haven’t seen any issues yet (though at the regional we weighed in at 110ish initially)

I know 3015 was around 115 for most of their regionals and didn’t see much issues with the L3.

@Ken870 can probably talk more about using the speedier gears than I can.

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