912 Animation!!

Heres an animation from the rookie team 912. Made by 2 people, in three weeks. Enjoy!


You need DivX 5 to run this video.

PS. Copy and paste the link into your browser because Tripod hates us.

Comments are welcome!

Just thinking some might not read all the way down.
Here is an alternate link:

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Ach! its cause we got no place to upload it to and tripod sucks

hey i was privlege egnoug to see it, thankfully. hey great animation, i really thought my team had it in the bag for the rising star but i saw yours and i was like wow if we don’t win i know who would, i wish more rookie teams would post there animations up so there is more of a comparision factor. but back to th epoint great animation, i’m now offically biting my finger nails until natl’s, good luck and hope to see you guys up there

Well… since Tripod SUX, i’ve got the animation up on my own ftp, for anyone that would like to view it. Download speed isn’t too fast cuz im on cable, but i guess it’ll have to do.

Wow, good job. Excellent work with the reflective and transparent textures. I like the hourglass effect too, did you use particle systems for that? Looks like there might be some good competition for the rising star award.

Great job. Good luck in nationals.

Thanks to all, and good luck to you too!

Hey everyone, thanx for the good comments, and good luck to you too.

FizixMan – yea, we used a particle system for the downstream of sand (which you couldn’t really see because of the reflection, oh well), and for the expanding sand it was basically animate verticies untill it looked decent.

BTW, how do we find out if we won at the nationals if we don’t go to the nationals?

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