9201 module: battery level and potentiometers

The rules (R71) say that the jumper needs to be in the position to read the battery value on the analog breakout. However, this means we can’t get readings from the potentiometers we have going into the analog breakout (right?). Therefore, we need to have 2 analog modules in the cRio, correct? Or is there some way to get both battery level and read from analog sensors from one analog breakout?

there are three pins parallel to the board itself off to the side of where you plug in your sensorscloser to analog channel 8 as indicated on the blue guard. You use the jumper on the two pins closest to the outside edge of the breakout board to get battery voltage.

The jumper takes over the last analog input and routes the input pin to a divided battery voltage. So yes, you can’t use the input 8 on your first analog input module. Do you actually have more than 7 pots or analog sensors that you need to read? If so, then yes, you can use a second 9201 in the 4th slot on the cRIO. I’m just doubting that you actually need it.

How do we read both battery level and pots from the same analog module? The white paper from FIRST for 2012 on the analog breakout made it seem like we couldn’t do both from the same module.

I don’t understand what’s confusing you. The battery voltage measurement is done on the eighth analog input, so that one isn’t available for your own use. The other seven inputs, however, are there for you to read as you wish.

(The gyro support is slightly exceptional in that it only works on the first two analog inputs.)

You misread the whitepaper. Channel 8 is the only channel that you can’t use if the bumper is set up to read battery voltage. Channels 1-7 work no matter what. Just plug your pots in starting at Channel 1 and read them as you’d expect to. You only have to worry if you have more than 7 pots.

Oh, okay, that makes sense. Thanks! Good to know that we don’t need to go scrambling for funds for a new analog module.