931 launches

Our 2008 robot G7 is coming together, and just in time!

Check us out.

[edit] Yes, we can launch with the flag in place. That one required a bit of finesse. [/edit]

That’s pretty cool. Looks very effective.

Are you still going to have clearance for the ball once the flag holder is on?

Awesome robot! :yikes: I bet it can really fly too. St. Louis regional is going to be tough this year. We look forward to teaming up sometime.

Sweet Robot, how do you plan on getting the ball into the launcher?

Great video! We were all so glad to see it launch before we left Team 931’s field today.

Good luck to everyone - we’ll see all of you St. Louis Regional participants in just under 2 weeks. Yikes.


Great job! I like how small you guys were able to keep it while still being able to launch it that far.

The forearm handles that readily, with maneuvering room. We expect loading will be more difficult in traffic.

Come to St. Louis in a couple of weeks and see for yourself! :smiley:

LoL I’d love to but I have my Senior Project Conceptual Presentation on that Thursday. Is it going to be Web cast this year? I’d really love to see this thing in action one of the better shooters I’ve seen so far.