9312 N.E.R.D. Spark - 2023 Robot Reveal - Black Mantis

Proud to present our first FIRST robot. Black Mantis.


bruh, we got beat out by a rookie team lol

but in all seriousness that is a really cool robot, incredible job and great mechanism, out of curiosity, y’all’s robot is pretty advanced for a rookie team, did you have a lot of mentors?

I’ve mentors FRC, FTC and FLL over the past 10 years. I have a lot of parents who were highly engaged and a few first time mentors who are engineers. We are really lucky to be supported so well by the community of Albion and our 2 main sponsors Caster Concepts (www.casterconcepts.com) and Conceptual Innovations (www.conceptual-innovations.com).


that’s very cool, very impressive robot

Looking sharp. See you next week!

have y’all worked with other teams very much?

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