932 - Promotional Video

After making a lot of presentations to schools/business/boards, etc where the people have a hard time “getting” the energy and excitement of a FIRST event, we decided to address this problem with our latest video. Meant for showing while “selling” FIRST to schools - trying to encourage the growth of new teams, that is - we really tried to capture the feeling of a competition, and I think our video editor did well.

Without further ado: here’s the video itself.

Of interest to you guys (and girls):

  • 0:30 - 217 (Thunderchickens) performing a beautiful hurdle
  • 0:50 - 148 sped up… but only a little. Very fast robot there.
  • Fredbird (yes, the mascot of the St. Louis Cardinals) appears throughout, joining the team mascots and FIRST judges in some harmless fun
  • 1:35 - Andy Baker doing the infamous trackball dive

What do you think? Does the video perform it’s job well? Comments, suggestions, compliments all welcome.

That is one excellent, professional, exciting video. Is there any way to get a DVD or CD of it? We would show that at demos and recruiting events.

Kudos to the crew who filmed, edited and produced the video. Most professional!


Great job guys. I would love to get a copy of this if I could and you dont mind. The best part was clearly the trackball dive. Keep up the good work.

Not bad. In my opinion, 4 minutes was a little bit too long. I make videos for our team (Team Fusion #364) and we definitely try to keep our videos under 3 minutes to keep from being too repetitive. If you want to see our videos, check out www.teamfusion364.org. The videos are under the media section. Enjoy!