964 name change rumor

Well we were thinking about our name(964:Elite Technobots)
we were thinking about maybe changing to 964 Flux
now might sound corny, but i think its totoally awesome
i think it would be sweet

I think elite technobots sounds cornier than Flux. Typically, I think any team name that doesn’t have “bot” in it is less corny than one that does. “Team flux” sounds pretty sweet.

sweet, ya i like it
it seems almost cool. if u know what i mean, the image is jsut a prototype logo though

Sounds good to me.

Our students have started a move to change our name from “Screws Loose” (which I really dislike) to “Top Gun”, which was originally chosen as our robot’s name for this year. Now that our only regional is over, they want to change the 2006 robot’s name from “Top Gun” to “Maverick.” The “Top Gun” thing turned out to be a really useful theme, so it will (maybe) become the new team name. There is talk of building a cart that looks like an aircraft carrier. Sounds good to me.

id say top gun is cooler than loose screws or wutever lol

i like FLUX alot. this kinda reminds me of our naming issues.

We were named Team Eris, and our robot was named Eris II. Well, We got pretty tired of having to explain what our team name meant, and we felt it kinda gave the wrong idea of our team, chaos and discord isn’t what we wanted. And our team colors were black and silver, i think. How many teams have black tshirts?

So we decided to go with a new team image/name/colors this year. They match our school colors and mascot, which makes it pretty easy to use.

Now we are B.E.A.R.S. which stands for Better Engineered Autonomous Robotic Systems. This years bot was //unknown since we just didn’t come up with a name and our programming team suggested that. Our team colors are purple and gold which so far in first are pretty unique. Made it REAL Easy to spot our teammates wherever they were at Buckeye!

Personally, i like our new image. Good luck with yours! Your on a good start!