967 Build Season in 1 Minute 6 Seconds

In the 2011 build season, Team 967 took a picture of our shop every 10 seconds and compiled those images into a time lapse video. Due to the size and quantity of the images it was necessary to resize them drastically, resulting in a somewhat low quality video, but still pretty cool.


Wow Cool video

That was pretty awesome. It’s odd how chilling it was to just see a robot sitting there alone in a dark room…I actually felt sad for it o.0 Perhaps I need to get out more often…

This is a really cool effect and I loved the video! It would interesting do a similar thing at a regional competition…

Sweet video!

I know FIRST posted a really cool timelapse video of the Championship arena setup process in 2010, but not of the actual competition days. It would certainly be really cool to have a timelapse of a regional’s competition days.

Thanks, occasionally an unnamed senior may have left the camera on overnight, resulting in the dark time you see.

We have something similar too! Check it out:

I would recommend taking a time lapse of either homework or work. You can really quickly find out somethings about your self and how to improve habits. I for one check my email far too often.

If we had done a time lapse it would show my hair turning progressively grayer.

Wow. I am so completely impressed. That was a LOT of fun to watch.
Thanks to both of you!

Very clever! A great way to sum up hundreds of hours of work.

Thanks for all the great support, hopefully we will have another one for the upcoming build season.