971 Spartan Robotics - 2019


971 - 2019

Team 971 is proud to present our 2019 robot, Tachyon. A huge thanks to all the students, mentors, sponsors, and parents that helped make this possible.


Huh. Who would’ve thought suction cups would’ve worked so well for the Hatch panels.
Awesome bot! #TeamSuction


Another awesome bot from one of my favorite teams!


How big is your drive base? It looks absolutely tiny. Awesome robot!


What’s the weight without bumpers? Was the choice for a thinner elevator longways driven by something else, or was a wider stance just determined to be unnecessary? Can’t wait to see it play!


Absolutely love this robot! Looks like a killer bot. Wondering what your air putout for the suction cup is though?


I love this robot in so many ways. This is in my opinion one of the most 971 robots 971 has ever built.


We are ~92 lbs including bumpers and battery.


Wow. That is absolutely stunning! What distinct measures were taken to get the weight that low? I see that the elevator is carbon fiber tubing, but what else is Tachyon hiding?




It’s 19 inches wide by 25 inches long.




We use suction cups in our robot for the Hatch panels and it works perfectly.
I didn’t think you could use suction on the Cargo because it’s surface isnt flat but apparently you can.
I cant want to see them compete


Yeah, I should’ve added an /s to my comment… We use suction cups for our hatch panel intake as well and it works beautifully.

I didn’t think you could use suction on the Cargo because it’s surface isnt flat but apparently you can.

971 seems to have found a very unique suction cup that complies with the cargo. I think something to note though is that their suction cup is only part of their hand-off for cargo, they still use a roller bar to intake it initially. That’s what separates it from the rest of the cargo suction cup intakes I’ve seen so far.


At 0:21, your human player holds one cargo in place with another. What is the reason for this? Is it specific to your intake or does it hold the ball in place while the robot travels?

Edit: Nice robot by the way. Can’t wait to see it in person this weekend.





What vacuum pump are you guys running?


Looks familiar :smirk:


Looks Great! Probably my favorite robot this year.


The human player used the second cargo before we realized there is a slot to place a panel to retain the cargo.