971 Spartan Robotics - 2019


Wow, the suction cups work well! The HAB mechanism kinda scared me lol :joy:


The robot looks like it is almost skinnier than the hatch panel, bumpers excluded.



Missed a golden opportunity to go full #TeamSuction and use a suction cup climber. Probably the only disappointing thing about this robot. =D


I really like the lightweight/fast/offensive robot design approach, we did it last year and loved it, and did it again this year. No way we could get as light and fast as you guys if you have the same goal though, very impressive machine again!


I’m excited to see if a team can defend a bot that small and fast. To me this seems like the best bot I’ve seen this year. Watch out poofs!


What is that gusset material you use for the ball, if you are willing to share.


what if it had swerve tho??


We haven’t used active suction before. What are the elements? I assume something like vacuum pump, solenoid switching, tubing, active suction cup, and mounting pieces? Recommended source(s)? Thanks.


I just saw this thing in person and it is a tiny, beautiful piece of engineering. I can’t wait to see it on Einstein.


Watching this robot score cargo is the most amusing thing ever.


For those of you still wondering, I saw the bot at comp today. The vacuum pump is some cots item that came with one of those generic AM motors. However they’ve swapped it for a 775 pro. They’re actually undervolting it as to avoid destroying the pump, and decrease voltage further once they achieve suction.


Do you have any more information on the pump? I’m looking into vacuum systems and would love it if you could share a product number or link I could use to track it down.


I was talking to our drive team today and 1 really interesting feature of 971’s robot is how easy it is to line up the cargo and hatches in the rocket because they stick so far out. You can clearly see when the cargo is inside the rocket whereas for other teams with rollers you have to shoot the cargo a little bit so it’s much harder to see if you’re lined up.


For sure. I’ll ask at comp tomorrow for the part number and the voltages they run at if they’re comfortable sharing that information.


Thank you so much!


What slot/panel are you referring to?


I love to see you robot in the action. Great job at San Francisco Regional!


What monitor are you guys using that’s on the pole on your driver station?


Did they disclose any info on the pump


It’s just an Amazon/eBay unit with a 775pro dropped in. The 40L/min model, nothing special