971 Spartan Robotics season video

Video compilation of 971’s amazing season. Thanks to all our partners, especially 254, 852, 111 and 67, you were all awesome.

Low quality youtube:

High quality download (300mb):

There’s also a 70mb pretty good quality version available upon request (not uploaded anywhere yet). If you want a copy of that, send me a PM. Enjoy!

Congrats on the win and the Vid rocks…

Wow, you guys played like that and were around to be the 24th pick? That’s amazing. No wonder you guys had an undefeated run; with them two and you guys in tow, that’s one scary offensive alliance.

Congratulations on a great season!

What codec is required for the downloaded file?

VLC, WMP, and Media Player Classic all fail.

The codec is listed as IR45. It’s an older Intel codec I believe. You might try Indeo Video 4.5 codec, I’m not sure if that’ll work though. I’ve been able to play it with VLC, WMP and quicktime, though that may be because the codec came with Adobe Premier (the editing program I used).

Cool video! Any chance you guys have the whole Galileo alliance selection on tape?

Actually…our camera guys turned off the camcorders about halfway through the second round b/c they thought we weren’t going to get picked.

SOAP does have the feed though http://soap.circuitrunners.com/2009/gal/

Great, thanks so much.

Congrats guys!

Let’s form another killer alliance together at CalGames 2009!

This is by far the best season recap video I’ve ever seen.

Amazing job on this season 971. Keep it strong for 2010.

That’s a really nice video. It wasn’t until I saw this video that I actually got to see some up close action of your robot. I’m extremely impressed; that’s a fantastic design. Congratulations on the win.