971's DYE 2017 indexer

I’ve recently been working on CADDING a full 2017 robot, and am now doing the indexer.
I’ve looked at many concepts and wanted (for the challenge) to try 971’s DYE mechanism, and after looking at the season highlights I don’t fully understand the purpose of the “counter arm” (the yellow arm in their indexer).
reference video: at 13:53 2017 Season Highlights - FRC Team #971, Spartan Robotics - YouTube
If someone knows and can explain I would very much appreciate it.

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This is just my guess but it is to disturb the balls incase they somehow got stuck or locked together.

Edit: After rewatching the clip I think it is being manually spun backwards and the yellow arm would come after it attempted to suck them in. So it could act as a nice ramp to let the balls down slowly into each pocket

This video (overview of 971’s 2017 robot) might offer some clues, serializer is discussed starting at 35:30 in the video.


The dolphin tale is specifically discussed at 41:22 in smanrobotics’ linked video

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There is also an absolutely phenomenal imgur album by 125 who also did an extremely similar indexer design for 2017:

It documents their design process including a couple of iterations at a 1/3 scale.


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