971's Leadership Manual has arrived

I know a number of people expressed interest in the Leadership Manual (post #12) I was writing for my team. It reached the current incarnation in late November, and is now being made available for public viewing here. (you can also search the whitepapers for “frc971”

The purpose of the manual is to pass along all pertinent information from one year’s leadership to the next, and stemmed from my own frustration at amount of re-learning I had to do during my stint as team president.

I’ve spent many months of time on this, with help from many of my peers and team members, including my former team captains Jeff Rodgers (05-06) and Drew Moxon (06-07), and the current leadership of Austin, Liam and Caspar.

I’m open to any and all questions, comments and suggestions on the manual itself. I am also happy to explain any aspect of how the team was run (the current leadership is more apt to answer any questions about the current season).