973 needs your window motors!

We could really use a few more window motors (preferably new from this year’s kop).

Let me know if you can help.

We’d love them just sent, but we have a lot we could trade (and can router some parts in exchange as well).


… and since it’s pretty obvious from this post anyway… Yeah, we’re bringing back Emperor Swerve.

We have all of our window motors from the past 2 years sitting unused and untouched in a cabinet.

We’d be more than willing to part with them for an extra 0673 or two if you have them.


We have a few sitting from last year unused, gladly trade them for some things we are looking for.

I’m sure we could help you out as well.

Yeah, how many do you need? We have ‘hella’

Definitively my favorite teaser so far :slight_smile:

Yeah we have quite a few laying around, we can swap for some FP 0673’s or even AM Hex hubs

We have a few and would gladly trade them - 2 for a FP 0673.

For those wanting to trade 673s for windows; you’re delusional :wink:

We would be willing to trade on a power ratio possibly, so about 20 brand new windows per 673 :smiley:

What unit of measurement can I equate this to?

It’s more than wicked but less than mad. Close to fatty, but that depends on the day of the week.

Ah, thanks for the clarification!

Can you do this in infographic format Tom?

Sorry Adam, I don’t have any Windows handy. I might be able to get you a couple old ones (not used but from last year) if you are cool with that.

Back on topic- I recently came about a large stock of window motors from a defunct team. Though I can’t give up new window motors, I would be able to get some older windows to you, if still needed.

Old window motors are still useful, it’s just nice knowing they’re “new” if we’re already getting them secondhand.

Old will be real useful for practice, etc…

The windows proved rock solid reliable on our prototype, but still are the weakest link in our opinion; We like knowing that comp + spares are “new”.

Understood, I’ll get back to you on that then.