97's Ramp Deploy

…with a stand-in for the future spring hinges. :eek:


Hey, great work guys, I love the idea. But I do have a few concerns safety wise. I know it may sound nit picky, but try to wear your P.P.E. (in this case safety glasses and gloves).

Once again great design.


hi Shane,
i just question on your ramp
i see that one of you team members ahve to push the ramp open.
so will it open by it self?

it did open by itself by spring loaded legs underneath the platform that would push the ramp out, but we had trouble with the leg supports not being strong enough, so we basically rebuilt the whole ramp design in the last day or two and this is what we have

Iteration is the name of the game…


Looks like a smooth ride. Love the ramp trigger and lifting the member. Well done.