987 at the Airport with LMFAO

Redfoo and LMFAO giving us a send off to champs.

Pics? I’d love to see this!

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Thanks, was in a rush trying to post it before they kicked us off our phones. Redfoo is actually a really awesome guy. He discussed the future of engineering and talked about C++ programming with our software team.

That was not what I expected. Spotlit.

Hopefully LMFAO will cross paths with FRC71. They’ve been shufflin’ since 2002.

Wow! Great opportunity! Glad to hear that LMFAO was into STEM (They knew what C++ was, give them credit). Maybe they’ll be a special surprise at champs?

Or even better they’ll get involved next year and spread the word (more so than Will.I.Am did). Wear a FIRST hat to the Super Bowl, and then you’re on my cool list. :wink:

Yeah they seemed way into robotics and FIRST. They discussed the idea of us building drumming robots to perform on stage with them. We convinced him to talk to will.i.am about FIRST, and they even sent out a tweet about us. We were honored. I’d love to see them at champs. Really awesome people.

Just wow

That’s pretty awesome!

Awesome picture, 987!

At BDL this morning on my way to STL, they were filming a commercial for the airport. Cameras and lights and all. Definitely nowhere near as cool as meeting LMFAO though!


<3 Dustin

I actually just died laughing when I read this

Is the guy from LMFAO wearing and LMFAO t-shirt?

It appears so. Whenever I see bands wear their own merch I sometimes facepalm. However, I have heard the defense that sometimes on tour, you end up just needing a shirt sometimes, and your own merch is free and easily accessible.

However, that’s awesome to hear how excited they seemed about FIRST. I’m sure they were hounded by people at the airport and it’s awesome to see how much interest they showed.

So, it turns out that actually IS how he rolls…

Animal print pants, outta control. :cool:

Here is the link to the tweet. Very cool 987!


And a mere 426,000 followers. (a few more than me ;)) Meet’n’ some awe-full celebs on planes these days. [bweet - deet - deet - deet - dit - dit - deet - still shufflin’:smiley: ]]

Can someone post the tweet? I’m at work and can’t access twitter.

On a semi-related note, the other day HR sent us an email telling us to follow the company on Twitter, with a link. Meanwhile, Twitter was, and still is blocked… facepalm

@redfoo: Hangin w/ Robotics Team @987highrollers Going to First Robotics Championship The only undefeated team in the world!!! @iamwill
With an instagram pic - looks to be the same as the OP.