987 Highrollers - 2016 Chairman's Submission

Howdy folks,

Team 987 is proud to have earned the Regional Chairman’s Award at our hometown competition this past week. Below you will find links to our essay and video for this year. We will also post a video of our presentation to the FIRST website if we have time before hitting the road again tomorrow, but expect it to follow shortly.

A big thank you to all of the teams and individuals providing clips for our video, traveling with us to China, and crossing state (and sometimes international) lines to come hang out with us. It wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, community partnerships, and friends throughout the FIRST community. We are supremely grateful.



Rooting for you guys to be the National Chairman’s Award recipient this Year!

International :wink:

I’ve never met a single member of 987 and I’m still more than inspired by the work you do. Good luck at Champs this year!

All of us on 254 are rooting for 987 to win Championship Chairman’s soon!

Well done.

Congrats team 987! Well Deserved!