987 HighRollers 2019 Reveal Video

Team 987 is proud to reveal their 2019 robot “Double Down”



Looks great, nice work 987! Hope to join y’all in Houston, good luck this weekend!

Awesome bot! It looks similar to last years, but in a good way! Hope you have a great season

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Luckily for us “north” teams, 987 will be at Detroit championship this year! So excited we get to see one of our west coast friends, and can’t wait to see this robot up close. Great job guys!


Shucks! I wanted to thank the Limelight crew in-person! Maybe they’ll make the trip to Houston anyway? :slight_smile:


Always love to see a good four bar + elevator combo. Looking forward to checking it out in Detroit!

I noticed you guys have 2 limelights this year. With the new bandwidth limit how are you planning to keep your vision targeting in a stable and reliable state?

If you’re a little careful with the settings, each limelight stream should be around 1Mb/s. Targeting is done onboard and can still function if you lose the stream.

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Neat! Looking a lot lighter than last year. What’s the weight?

Believe we are at 113 lbs. and a rare opportunity to add more if needed:) We are looking forward to your reveal BTW. Bring it on:)

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Can’t wait for watch 987 this season. Even if we’re competing I’ll be watching in pit on phone

Showing some potential in the first match at San Diego…one Cargo short of filling a rocket, and got a 3 climb that didn’t count (perhaps the other robot on 1 was contacting it?)

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I heard that was the case indeed. They completed a rocket and climbed yesterday in a practice match solo.


The robot on level one was contacting 987’s bumpers, so 987’s climb only counted as a level 1.

That’s how it looked on the webcast. Lesson learned…

Ill be uploading 987’s match videos to youtube, here are all their qualifications from day 1 at San Diego:
Quals 7 (2 rp)
Quals 14 (3 rp)
Quals 18 (3 rp)
Quals 32 (2 rp)
Quals 37 (3 rp)
Quals 43 (4 rp)
Qual 53 (3rp)
Qual 60 (3 rp)
Qual 64 (3 rp)


We had an amazing time playing with you guys at San Diego!! Good luck at Las Vegas and Detroit!

PS: sorry for running into your climb :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are all the elimination matches that alliance 1 was part of:
Quarter Final 1-1
Quarter Final 1-2
Semi Final 1-1
Semi Final 1-2
Semi Final 1-3
Final 1
Final 2
Final 3

San Diego was a great regional to watch, tons of really great teams! Great job to everyone!


Congrats on your well deserved win, awesome robotperformance. Good luck in las Vegas and we’ll see you in Detroit!!:slightly_smiling_face:

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